Matin, soleil levant et brouillard  by antonpetrus

d) Why do we need COOPERACTIVE ASSETS???

Royalism is dead.

Communism has failed.

Capitalism is not working in the long term.

This is why we need COOPERACTIVE ASSETS now. Active Cooperation for creating the New COMMONS, the New ASSETS of our World.

Pursuing Capitalism is like being locked onto a suicidal race.
Our suicide.
And the murder of the Planet, and in a way, maybe murder on our children and great-children. Or at least no assistance to human beings in danger.
Capitalism is like a modern Cronus. Enslaving and eating its own family.
But, at least, Cronus respected the Earth and Nature.
Right now, we even don’t do this but…

Times are changing!

More and more voices are talking, not only to criticize the situation but to propose solutions, new ideas, new concepts.

Another world, more joyful more friendly, more sustainable, more enthusiastic is possible.
Imagining and setting up COOPERACTIVE ASSETS will help this World to emerge and to exist as it should be.

It’s only up to us.
Right now.

All the Best.

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