Taxi car on the city street

b) What are COOPERACTIVE ASSETS? (i.e: Uber©like)

COOPERACTIVE ASSETS (The New COMMONS) are the Alliance of :

  • Goodwill
  • Justice
  • Sustainability
  • Technologies
  • Knowledge

– Goodwill for a desire, a passion, to make the world better for everyone.

– Justice for a fair sharing of outcomes and resources for everyone.

– Sustainability for producing just what we really need and totally recycling it.

– Technologies and new inventions for creating new services and products for the benefit of all.

– Knowledge for creating, spreading, improving COOPERACTIVE ASSETS.

For examples, some simple New COMMONS which can be established quickly. are UBER© services alike.

For many reasons, according to the reading grid of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS, the impact of this kind of companies in Town, People, Civilization, is devastating.

They are at the origin of many problems. Suffice to say that they do not create a real richness.

So, for instance, COOPERACTIVE ASSETS keep the only good core of these companies, the idea of using a digital interface to put into relation a customer and a seller of services.

But, for example, for the Taxi drivers, a COOPERACTIVE ASSET UBER© alike would :
– Guarantee a fair minimal wage
– Guarantee fair holidays or days off paid.
– Guarantee fair Health and Retirement support
– No concurrency (Local Monopoly of taxi by the Town or region)

For the consumers:
– An application (or website) for using the services 24/7/365
– A grid of fares according to the distance
– A fair price, calculated according to the grid, and shown in advance in the Application.
– A guarantee that Taxi drivers are licensed to drive (And are able to do it, driving license still valid or authorized).
– That they can put a notation, a score to the Taxi Drivers and have access to the History of reviews of any taxi Drivers before to order the drive.

For the Community:
– Taxi drivers are fairly paid and do only decent hours of work (spoiler: 12 hours a day is not decent ..)
– All Taxi drivers are known and authorized on a daily updated list
– They can regulate the number of taxis in advance, in a 3-year program: +5 in year 1, +3 in year 2, -1 in year 3
– They can organize rides and orders (A.I, algorithms, Knowledge Models) to make travel less polluting, faster, less disruptive for residents or other motorists.
– They can balance the number of revenues for each Taxi by numerous ways like assigning them to specific lucrative spots like airports, railway stations…

Establishing local UBER© COOPERATIVE ASSETS is relatively easy. There are absolutely no technological limitation or obstacles. Using GPS, connecting to a Credit Card system, developing an App for Android or iOS, are very accessible for all the developers around the world. Developing and maintenance costs are not really expensive.

This why this kind of COOPERACTIVE ASSET is highly representative of what is a New COMMONS.

Among the services of Alpharis, the Manufacture of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS, we can help you set up this kind of New COMMONS in your Community.

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