The “Nice” Commons! The “Bandite”

They are plenty of subtilities in the Right of “Bandite” like in some cases, the “bandiotes” had to leave their animals at night in the fields they had grazed during the day. And this in such a way that the manure or dung “dropped” by the animals can, in turn, benefit the land. This is so that the next harvest, which as a reminder cannot be used or wasted by the ‘bandiote’, is improved by natural manure. It is a rich and very intelligent counterpart, even if it is not very fragrant:-)

Happy people with cloud and technology by Rawpixel

Why are the Digital COOPERACTIVE ASSETS totally immune to the Tragedy of the Commons?

There is therefore basically with:
– The very essence of the Digital, the infinite duplication of an “object” without loss of information
– The storage capacity increasing at constant cost
– The transmission capacity increasing at constant cost
The possibility, real and within reach of our actions, of creating, by the Digital COMMONS, a new Civilization reflecting our profound and structuring choices of life.

A dramatic sky surrounds this oil pump jack in a muddy bog in the united states by Christopher_Boswell.

Limitations of the “Physical” Commons ? – There are the same limitations with Capitalism!

All the limitations attributed to the classical Commons, those based on resources, natural and physical goods, including the so-called Commons Tragedy with the over-exploitation and disappearance of these resources,[a so-called tragedy that never actually existed because the People in charge of COMMONS have (almost) always had the wisdom to exploit their COMMONS over time. And the Tragedies that have arrived in the Commons have often been due rather to natural disasters or caused upstream by Humans outside the Commons],

Laguiole Knife

Let’s give back to everyone what belongs to everyone! COOPERACTIVE ASSETS: Intellectual property of City & Regional & Country Brands Names

Until very recently, this mark did not belong to the city of LAGUIOLE because it had been registered by a person before the City did so. There were many discussions and legal actions to ensure that the City could take back what common sense demanded, namely brand ownership.

Roll of Dollars in Front by orcearo

The Moyennitude Index! The Median remuneration of employees in the same Company.

The Median is a geometric distribution! [I use the word geometric to indicate a spatial notion, of space, of distribution plane. And not the notion of geometric median.] With this value, we have half of the elements below this value. And half of it above. So it’s a split line. We have two equal sides on each side of the value. 50% have less than the value. And 50% have more than that value. It is an extremely important benchmark in social analysis. This should be the criterion chosen instead of the average, which has many perverse effects on display and comprehension.

A person carrying a lot of cash

The increase in the number of Billionaires in the World: Informations or Fake News? Truth or illusion? In other words, Ultracapitalism, what effectiveness?

1) Of course, it is also necessary to take into account the evolution of the World Population during this time. It is true that, mechanically, if the population changes, so does the number of billionaires. So by taking into account the evolution of the population and relating it to the Billionaire multiplication factor, we will obtain the right weighting of this factor

asteroids orbiting a blue planet, 3d illustration by claudioventrella

Asteroids are also COOPERACTIVE ASSETS! [At least the Mineral Asteroids :-) ]

It is therefore logical that, with regard to Civilization Human on Earth, projecting itself over 5 billion years. With such a figure to be achieved, it is clear that the parsimony of exploitation of the Natural resources, even at the scale of the Solar System, must be bet. It is therefore necessary to project oneself on a very, very, very, very use of these resources.