Mine Gold Shares by Gilles_Paire

How can COOPERACTIVE ASSETS suppress or control illegal gold panning? And make the inhabitants benefit from the resources of their land?

Land Ownership: CO-OPERACTIVE Property
Agreement of the Community managing the CO-OPERATIVE asset to exploit the vein
Implementation of a real strategic management policy, over hundreds, if not thousands of years, of the supposed capacities of the territory in question.
Distribution of 50% of the income generated between the Community and the “workers” in order to ensure wealth for the Community so that all its members benefit from it and so that the real operators also benefit.

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What are Natural Universal COOPERATIVE ASSETS?

So Natural Universal COOPERATIVE ASSETS are :

COOPERATIVE ASSETS that are based on a natural resource, abundant or not, on Earth or elsewhere (Current limit: Solar System).
The notion of Universal means, either a Common Resource present throughout the Earth (Air for example). Or a Common Resource whose benefits of exploitation must be shared by all. (i.e Gold Mine underwater outside the Territorial Waters)

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The Sky is Ours!

Some COOPERACTIVE ASSETS or COMMONS can be used by everyone.
Some others by none!

One of the Commons of Nature, in addition to air, is also the Sky.
No one can use the Sky, which belongs to all, for his own “needs” (or rather desires or whims…).

However, this is what the Russian company StartRocket would propose at the initiative of this “idea” (?) which would consist in polluting, since there are no other words, visually and spatially the sky belonging to all by Advertisements praising the merits of such or such product and a priori rather sweetened drinks…

You will find the Technical details of this Project in different Press reviews (although some “articles” on the subject are strangely similar ..).

What is important to us in the context of the Commons is the usual observation that:

  1. Ultra Capitalism is ready for anything, including, as is often the case, selling what does not belong to it and abusing, in every sense of the word, Natural Resources;

  2. This use de facto depreciates the Natural Resource, probably gradually eliminating it or reducing it to a shambles;

  3. We must reaffirm, each day, the importance of the Commons, of our COOPERACTIVE ASSETS. And to implement the means to preserve them. Then/and include this protection in different laws or in Binational, multiple or international treaties.




Cooperactive Assets are a new form of social and economic organization. ALPHARIS is dedicated to the imagination, assistance, design, implementation and dissemination of this new form of economic and social organization for the creation of products, services and inventions

asteroids orbiting a blue planet, 3d illustration by claudioventrella

Asteroids are also COOPERACTIVE ASSETS! [At least the Mineral Asteroids :-) ]

It is therefore logical that, with regard to Civilization Human on Earth, projecting itself over 5 billion years. With such a figure to be achieved, it is clear that the parsimony of exploitation of the Natural resources, even at the scale of the Solar System, must be bet. It is therefore necessary to project oneself on a very, very, very, very use of these resources.