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A new Commons for Economic management: A true Digital National Accounting Ledger to record all economic movements between companies.

This National General Ledger records in the classic form of Accounting (double entry, input-output, nomenclature of expenses and income) ALL movements of payments, remittances, remuneration, between Companies in the country or Assimilated Companies, whether in the country or abroad.
This recording is made under the control of the State (Public or similar body) or directly by the State (Ministry of Economy for example).

More Than 1 Million of Possible ‘Genetic Molecules’ combination! The same is true for Social and Economic activities!!!

It’s exactly the same with Human Economical and Social Activities!
They are thousands of possible organizations of Human activities through different kinds of ownership of the Land, of Natural Resources, of Factories, of Intellectual Properties, of Knowledge and so on.

What form of Legal Property for COOPERACTIVE ASSET?

But also because the definition of the Means of Production is, voluntarily, left very broad, because in the end all the means of Production are only types of Equipment in the broad meaning of the term. We do not need a more precise definition to date. Because this clarification would not be relevant. If we take this way, to illustrate this notion of Means of Production, 3 very different types of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS, we have for a COOPERACTIVE ASSET:

Human hands with wheat ears. Crop protection and care concept by e_mikh

What are COMMONS ?

Indeed, Commons, COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are defined by a Community of users, whatever its size is (local, national, continental, World), which self-governs the resource and the sharing of its outcomes (whatever its form, natural, digital, social) through institutions that it creates and control.