What is a Civilisation? And what are the links between COOPERACTIVE ASSETS and Civilisation?

As you may have already read, the long-term objective of ALPHARIS, through COOPERACTIVE ASSETS, is to contribute to the creation of a new Human Civilisation.

This new Civilisation will be based in part on the very concepts and notions of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS which are seen as a Tool, a Method, Knowledge and a Value.

And it is in this context and objective, to better understand the contributions of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS, that it is important to describe what a Civilisation is. So if we need the shortest, most comprehensible and broadest possible definition to cover all types of Civilisation, we can propose the following formula:

A Civilisation is a choice of human values, organized in priority and hierarchy, configuring a Social, Economic, Technological and Educational context.
These values are based on beliefs, which in turn are conditioned by the Resources and Knowledge available.

At this point, it should be noted that the word “beliefs” is taken in the broadest sense of the term. These may be religious, human, philosophical, scientific beliefs. Even not believing is believing in not believing. We use the word Belief because as long as the stage of ultimate and absolute Knowledge is not reached, there is no certainty about anything. We see this every day with the different scientific evolutions or theories that often complement old knowledge but sometimes contradict it completely.

In relation to the proposed definition, the contributions of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are therefore as follows:
– COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are based on “beliefs”: Importance of the Human, of the act of creation, of sharing, we always reap what we sow, do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you, the possibility of abundance in respect of Nature, etc.
COOPERACTIVE ASSETS is a choice of Human values concerning the creation and distribution of resources.
COOPERACTIVE ASSETS prioritize Human values (Creation goes with sharing, common ownership of natural resources, etc.)
COOPERACTIVE ASSETS is also Knowledge about a type of Economic and Social organization.
– The knowledge of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS is transmitted through Education. And Experience.

We can thus better see the theoretical links and entanglement, between COOPERACTIVE ASSETS and Civilisation.

But the most important thing is the Practice!

It is therefore up to us to set it up!



Cooperactive Assets are a new form of social and economic organization. ALPHARIS is dedicated to the imagination, assistance, design, implementation and dissemination of this new form of economic and social organization for the creation of products, services and inventions

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