Human hands with wheat ears. Crop protection and care concept by e_mikh

What are COMMONS ?

Usually, COMMONS are defined as Cultural and Natural resources accessible to all members of a Society.

COMMONS can be of different kinds. The best known and Historical COMMONS are COMMONS based on NATURE (See this Post). But in reality they can now also be Economic, Social and now even Digital!

This why it’s better to talk now about COOPERACTIVE ASSETS.

COOPERACTIVE ASSET is the name of the new COMMONS, the ones that we can now create in this Digital and Global Age. But behind this new word, this denomination, we have to keep the very key principles of the originators of the COOPERACTIVE ASSETS.

The most important are the Governance and sharing outcome mechanisms.

Indeed, Commons, COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are defined by a Community of users, whatever its size is (local, national, continental, World), which self-governs the resource and the sharing of its outcomes (whatever its form, natural, digital, social) through institutions that it creates and control.

At least, these mechanisms and spirit are now immediately needed for making a new evolution to our Civilization.

And hopefully a whole new Civilization!

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Cooperactive Assets are a new form of social and economic organization. ALPHARIS is dedicated to the imagination, assistance, design, implementation and dissemination of this new form of economic and social organization for the creation of products, services and inventions

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