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Limitations of the “Physical” Commons ? – There are the same limitations with Capitalism!

All the limitations attributed to the classical Commons, those based on resources, natural and physical goods, including the so-called Commons Tragedy with the over-exploitation and disappearance of these resources,[a so-called tragedy that never actually existed because the People in charge of COMMONS have (almost) always had the wisdom to exploit their COMMONS over time. And the Tragedies that have arrived in the Commons have often been due rather to natural disasters or caused upstream by Humans outside the Commons],
ARE also absolutely present in the current CAPITALISM, NEO LIBERALISM.

BUT it doesn’t bother anyone that Capitalism has such Limitations!

In an even more certain way and so many times verified, Capitalism has over exploited, plundered hundreds of millions of animals and millions of tons of natural resources, to the smallest drop or parcel, and we are not talking about Tragedy!We are only talking about the form of management of COMMONS which, by far, currently represents only a tiny portion of the management of current Resources.

This does not mean that some companies or people with a capitalist approach cannot intelligently manage resources over time either. But this is far from being the norm.

It is therefore quite extraordinary, and very amazing, that the notion of Commons is associated with any notion of Tragedy while Neo Liberalism would be exempt from this Tragedy and weakness!

For the establishment of the New Commons for a New Civilization, it is important to re-establish the Axes of Truth in COMMONS and to affirm and repeat that:
– The so-called Commons Tragedy has never existed
– That Neo Liberalism practices this Tragedy of over exploitation and loss of sight in the long and medium term, permanently and on a large scale.

Consequently, if there is a tragedy, it is right to allow Neo Liberalism to over-exploit the Earth’s natural resources and/or by not equitably distributing the fruits and harvests of this over-exploitation with those who truly operate it.



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