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How do we create COOPERACTIVE ASSETS ? With 4 Major ingredients. Including Love!

Let’s say you are totally convinced that COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are good for Humanity and Planet (How right you are 🙂 ! ). So you can wonder yourself but if COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are for us, beneficial in a broad way, how do we create the New COOPERACTIVE ASSETS (New COMMONS) of the XXIth Century?

With three major Human ingredients, with Love, Knowledge, and Patience.
And One major Financial ingredient, Investment.

We can find these ingredients, even Love, in the making of the Internet, which is a great new (Digital) COOPERACTIVE ASSET. Yes, even Love. Knowledge, for technical research, is obvious. Patience a little bit less. We want, in our times, an immediate return. We do not Plan research on the next 50 years. And even less in the next Century. So Patience is sometimes lost of view in the ingredients we need. But Love is even more barely seen or recognized as an ingredient. Yes, Love. Because it was Love. Love of Science, Love of Knowledge, Love of Human evolution, Love of working for other people’s benefits, Love of technical and intellectual challenges. Love is a motor for creating COOPERACTIVE ASSETS.

The other ingredient is the Financial one. Creating COOPERACTIVE ASSETS incredibly pays off! It’s so much worth it. When you realize the benefits for Community, People, individual, you know what COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are worth the shot to be created. But, in order to create one, you need time. Time for people to search elaborate, test, modify, change, search again, new tests, corrections and so on. This Time implies money. Some money. Like on the INTERNET and the GPS system. Money was spent, let’s say rather, invest, by US Administrations, including and mainly Army, to get Brain’s Time of Engineers,  searchers, inventors, “crazy” Out-of-the-box people.

Who could have predicted the potential and benefits of the Internet? And no one did it!
A company (AMAZON) operating on the Internet is worth 1 000 Billion at the Stock exchange! And plenty of other companies are worth of hundred Billions of $.
The Internet is now everywhere, every time, for (almost) everyone. It is the new common road of the Planet, potentially accessible to all its inhabitants.

By using the 4 major ingredients listed above, we can create new COOPERACTIVE ASSETS. Some would be, of course, less fruitful than the Internet. Some as fruitful as the Internet is. And some even more (Medical Field)!
So organize ourselves to set, create, develop and spread the COOPERACTIVE ASSETS!

P.S1. We are here generically talking about the concept of the Internet. Not some of its misuses or misappropriations. The INTERNET will bring us more creativity, prosperity, and knowledge as soon as we know better how to use it.

Started on March 20, 2019.



Cooperactive Assets are a new form of social and economic organization. ALPHARIS is dedicated to the imagination, assistance, design, implementation and dissemination of this new form of economic and social organization for the creation of products, services and inventions

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