What is a Civilisation? How to build the one of our wishes? How can COOPERATIVE GOODS contribute to this creation – evolution – improvement of Civilisation?

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Why are COOPERACTIVE ASSETS the best of the New Civilization?
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Why are COOPERACTIVE ASSETS the best of the New Civilization?

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The third form is the Social form. As a result of the fact that we are now moving to a new economic and social form, we are de facto going beyond the main
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How do you make a Civilization last? By considering Natural Goods as COMMON GOODS at the service of future generations.

Above all, we need to reconsider the Natural Resources of the whole Earth as belonging also to the Future Generations and therefore to preserve them with a planning of use. To do this we will use two joint approaches that will work like the jaws of a vice

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What is a Civilizational Singularity? Why is it so important for Humanity? And how do COOPERACTIVE ASSETS make it possible to create them?

By the fact that the COOPERACTIVE ASSETS may have common equipment at their disposal, these can be offered for use to the Best Project for a period of time defined on a contract of possible advances. It is the responsibility of the managers of the COOPERACTIVE ASSETS to regularly re-tender the project relevance in order to provide the “best” team with the state-of-the-art facilities of the COOPERACTIVE ASSETS.


Hero of Alexandria or the Art for a Civilization to lose 1,700 years of technological development!

Hero has done his job. Hero was a hero for its era of time. And he could have been such a Hero for Human Civilisation but unfortunately he was not. It was not his fault. He was placed in a context, historical and technological, where the transmission of Knowledge was not possible. Things which were Read more


What is a Civilisation? And what are the links between COOPERACTIVE ASSETS and Civilisation?

This new Civilisation will be based in part on the very concepts and notions of COOPERACTIVE ASSETS which are seen as a Tool, a Method, Knowledge and a Value.

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